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Let’s discuss football for girls, is it growing quickly enough? following the success in the 2012 Olympics, is there a momentum to get this going? are the FA providing enough support or just the minimum to ‘tick the box’!

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  1. Julie - May 18, 2013

    Really impressive day today at the Oxfordshire FA Girls finals held at Thame United Football Club… over 1,500 people attending the all girls finals for the event, the quality of the football would put many boys teams to shame! Nice to see Ellen White and some of the England girls chatting to the future stars!

  2. Henry - April 30, 2013

    I think the Olympics had a really good positive impact on girls football. The GB team did so well…and it was easier to get tickets for the matches..not sure it would be so easy next time round, as the girls did GB proud!…would like to see more girls footy on TV though, come on Sky!!

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