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How to place a FREE advert | Sell my football boots or trainers buy cheap football boots and equipment

How to place a FREE advert

Placing your ad on is simple, please see the guide below:

1. Select the ‘Place Ad’ icon this is always positioned at the top right of every page underneath the main tool bar.  If it’s your 1st time then you will need to register, just ‘click’ on the blue box ‘Please register now’ and follow the simple instructions.  You will need an email address to complete this part, once you have filled in your user name and email address a password will be sent to you.

Once you have registered you will be sent back to the footybay homepage, ‘click’ on ‘Place an Ad’ icon again and now log in.  You will need to go to your email account and retrieve the password we sent you.  You ‘type’ in your ‘user name’ and ‘password’.

You will now be presented with a new page that asks for your details and a description of the item for sale, the price, a contact telephone number, the email address is already taken care of.  Once you have submitted this, you will be presented with another new page where you can up loaded up to four pictures of your item(s), the instructions should be easy to follow.

2. When you have uploaded your ad you will receive an email confirming the details of the ad, please go back into the website and search for your ad to check all of the details are correct, such as spelling, price, contact numbers, picture etc..  This may take a few minutes as the ad needs to be approved by an administrator.

3. When a seller is interested in your ad, they will be able to contact you by the internal email system or by dialling your ‘footybay privacy number’ allocated to your listing.

4. When you have agreed a sale over the phone with the purchaser, footybay recommend using a reputable payments business such as PayPal to finalise the transaction. To set-up a PayPal account, go to

5. Good luck with the ad if you have any problems please feel free to contact us on

6. Remember to remove you advert once you have sold your item 🙂